The San Diego city of La Jolla is the perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway. The community of La Jolla is passionate about art and culture, and there is so much to be seen in the city. There’s no denying the allure of La Jolla and its nickname, “Jewel City”. Here are my top art galleries and music events to visit in La Jolla.

Art Galleries in La Jolla


La Jolla Village is packed with beautiful and locally-owned art galleries. These galleries can be found everywhere. If you need a place to start, simply head to Prospect Street and Girard Avenue!

Here are my top 5 art Galleries to visit in La Jolla:

  1. Madison Art Gallery is one of La Jolla’s central contemporary art galleries. Marked by Asa, a statue by Boaz, and John Baldessari, the artist of Brain/Cloud mural. Coming here to see the many talented artists on the art scene of La Jolla.

2. If you are a fan of Dr. Seuss, be sure to stop by Legends Gallery that features many of his works alongside works by contemporary artists.

3. “Nature is our greatest teacher” (Alexandra Domelle) and we can learn so much from it. You can view close-up portraits of nature from different regions of the world at Thomas D. Mangelsen’s Image of Nature Gallery. This Gallery is a popular destination for travelers worldwide and also a good spot to have lunch.

4. Visit the Cosmopolitan Fine Arts Galley which features both contemporary American and European artists. This gallery will be worth your while as the room is filled with over 150 art works such as: realist arts, impressionist arts, and sculptures.

5. The Peter Lik Gallery features the highest-priced photograph of all time, which in 2014 was sold for $6.5 million dollars! Lik’s gallery highlights natures beauty around the world. His Icelandic collection explores the natural wonders of Iceland.

Worried about these Galleries being shut down? Don’t worry, they are all open as of 10/8/2020 (hours and services may differ). Each following their own covid protocol and safety measures.

Music in La Jolla

La Jolla is filled with live music and many different organizations host events all year round. Throughout the year at varying locations, one can see classical ballets, jazz music, famed orchestras, and the premier chamber groups.

Credit: La Jolla Music Society @LaJollaMusicSociety

La Jolla Music Society also hosts SummerFest, which is a nationally-recognized chamber music festival that features more than 70 world-class artists and ensembles.

For more orchestral music, be sure to check out The La Jolla Symphony & Chorus. They produce 6 concert weekends a year (pre-covid). The partnership between UC San Diego and the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus, resulted in a 40% or more increase in performances, including premiers, compositions, and rarely performed orchestral and choral works around the “jewel city”.

The “Jewel city” has so much more art galleries’ and music events, ranging from small locally owned business to major art gallerias. My top choices is just the tip of the iceberg, there is always something new to be found in this wonderful city.

Acknowledgments: This article was edited by Michelle Hoogenhout, and Nazima Ahmad. I do not own any of the pictures posted in this post, as they were borrowed for educational purposes and credit to those pictures are linked below. In addition, each gallery said this in this is linked directly to their home page to give give them credit for allowing me to post their names in my top galleries list.