Why Branding for the Arts is More Important Than Ever

In the arts and culture industry, we have seen some great branding examples like the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) or Whitney museum. But why is it that we don’t see many small arts businesses and organizations establishing and working towards building their brand? There seems to be a misconception that brands are only to […]

The Best Parks to Explore in San Diego

While Southern California in general is world famous for its scenery, the parks and greenery in San Diego are among the most beautiful. The pleasant weather in San Diego along with beautiful beaches, astonishing artwork, and heavenly hiking trails are what attracts people to this city. The abundance of diverse parks around the city allow […]

A Tour of North Park’s Murals

I’ve always been captivated by murals. They reflect the character of a place, and say something about the hopes, ambitions and daily preoccupations of its citizens. When my friends travel, they take pictures of churches and museum interiors. I take pictures of murals. When shelter-in-place first started, I was craving some outside time. Going for […]

Dystopian Doom Punk: An interview with Candice Renee

I’m very excited to introduce our first artist interview on the blog! We chatted to Candice Renee, of the doom-punk duo Blood Ponies (made up of Renee and her partner, Jeffrey Cesare). Their album Hoax, released November 2019, is fantastic – full of hunger, dark energy and anxiety. It’s about escape, freedom and defeat. Hoax […]

5 Tips for Creating a Strong Arts Brand

What makes an art and culture business successful? One of the factors important for success is branding your business. In order for an art business to be successful, the customer needs to identify with your story and be aware of what you are selling. Today we will share 5 tips to create a strong brand. […]

Fantastic Pictures: An Interview with Omar Lopex

This week we interview Omar Lopex, who is at the helm of Standard Fantastic Pictures. His films have screened at the San Diego Underground Film Fest, Les Femmes International Film Fest, Le Petit Cannes Film Fest, the San Diego Art Institute, La Jolla Athenaeum, San Diego Museum of Art, Moxie Theatre, & A Ship in […]