What makes an art and culture business successful? One of the factors important for success is branding your business. In order for an art business to be successful, the customer needs to identify with your story and be aware of what you are selling. Today we will share 5 tips to create a strong brand.

1. Know your audience 

Branding is never about you or your perspective. Instead, it’s the perspective of your customer. It’s important to understand their needs and desires. Dig deep into unraveling who your customer is by creating personas and mapping out their journey. Your goals are to understand what their motivations are and to identify opportunities where you can add value or communicate with the customer. 

2. Have a cohesive visual language

It goes without saying that the look and feel of your business has a huge impact on its success. To build recognition in the industry it’s important that the colors, fonts and images on your website, marketing communication, packaging and in your store are all cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and engaging. The brand identity for the Museum of Modern Art designed by Pentagram is a great example of a cohesive visual language.

3. Identify your tone of communication 

In terms of communication we look at two things: the strength of the message and how you communicate that message. 

The strength of the message comes from making sure that whatever you are selling is adding value in your customer’s world. 

Communicating and crafting the message requires you to put your audience first and find a way to speak to them that is relatable. Think of it this way, you won’t talk to your boss and a baby in the same manner. How can you speak to your customer at their level? How can you inspire them through words and ultimately persuade them to purchase a work of art? A strong brand voice is genuine, inspirational and persuasive.

4. Build your communication and social media channels

Research where your audience is spending most of their time. It could be that they are spending more time online or at certain places. For example, if your audience were surfers, it’s very likely you’ll find them on the beach and active on certain surfing related platforms on social media. Use the information you find about your audience to identify the most effective marketing channels for you to create brand awareness and build a loyal customer base. Creating content for your social media platform and emails are the most common and effective ways to start building a following. 

5. Always be consistent 

Last but not least, at times the hardest task is to remain consistent. When it comes to implementation of the message and visuals, it’s key for a brand to remain true to the promise they are making. People pick up on inconsistencies and are quick to judge. Think of the brands you follow and the reasons why. Most of the time you’ll find that the brand has built a level of trust by consistently providing a great service, and following through with the promise their brand and marketing is making.  

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Nazima Ahmad
Nazima Ahmad

CITY CANVAS co-founder Nazima Ahmad is a design practitioner and educator. She has extensive experience with brand development and creative marketing, and holds an MFA from Yale in graphic design.

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